Why not buy your own defunct Le Mans prototype program?

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Articles

I’ve been a bit obsessed lately with the concept of owning a modern/vintage car. First, there was the C7.R Corvette, which now seems tame relative to owning a full-fledged Audi R18 Le Mans car. Buy why own a car when you can basically own what’s left of an entire racing program?

Silverstone Auctions is putting up what they’re calling the ASCARI A410 LMP900 Le Mans Prototype Package, which is a lot like what it sounds. Short-lived supercar/racecar making Ascari (named for Alberto Ascari) had a prototype racing program that managed to get into a number of big races (The Nurburgring 1000KM, the Daytona 24, the 24 Hours of Le Mans) and finish… some of them.

MAKE: Ascari
POWERTRAIN: 4.0-liter Judd GV4V10
PRICE: Estimated $1.1m to $1.4m

Based on the old Lola T91/10 Group C cars, the Ascari A410 has kind of a crazy history that someone managed to collect on the car’s Wikipedia page and it’s worth reading.

SIlverstone is offering the car and, basically, everything needed to restart the program:

The 410 features a carbon-fibre monocoque, double wishbones, push-rod, actuated coil springs and dampers and was powered by a Judd GV4, 3,997cc, V10 engine with a 6-speed sequential manual box. The package on offer today includes a complete Race Car (Chassis 001), 2 x Rolling chassis (002 +003), Spare parts, Body spares, moulds, 2 gearboxes + spares, and all necessary tooling to re-manufacture everything.

What could possibly go wrong? The program will be sold as part of the Race Retro Live Online Auction on March 27th and 28th.

Ascari A410 (Courtesy of Silverstone Auctions)
Ascari A410 spares (Courtesy of Silverstone Auctions)
Ascari A410 spares (Courtesy of Silverstone Auctions)