APEX: Best Drives – A new series coming soon

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Articles, Best Drives, Videos

The creators behind beloved car films APEX: The Story of the Hypercar and APEX: The Secret Race Across America have created an immersive, POV view of some of the best drives in the world for their new limited-run series called APEX: BEST DRIVES that’s coming soon to YouTube.

Filmmakers JF Musial, Neil Carey, and William Schultz travel the world making the car videos that the world loves and have an encyclopedic knowledge of the best driving roads. In this three-part video series, we follow one of these filmmakers in one of their favorite cars on one of their favorite roads.

“It looks simple and that’s on purpose, but we used the latest equipment and techniques to capture the sound and feel of what it’s like to drive these cars on these roads. There’s no trick-editing, fake sound or artificially smooth shots,” says director JF Musial.

These videos are meant to be almost ASMR-like experiences, intended to be viewed as a first-screen experience or in the background of a shop or an office.

“When I get stressed I just put on one of these videos and space out,” says producer Matt Hardigree.

They’re videos of people driving. That’s it. We hope you enjoy it.


“When we travel around the world we often put cameras on cars and end up with these beautiful, rolling shots of gorgeous environments. These videos inevitably get chopped up and edited, which means we’re the only ones who get to enjoy them in full. We decided to fix that.” – JF Musial, director.

“We were inspired by our own projects, as well as films as diverse as C’était un Rendezvous and Slow TV: Train Ride Bergen to Oslo.” – Matt Hardigree, producer.

“This was Matt’s idea, so if you don’t like it then it’s his fault,” – Musial

“What could possibly go wrong?” – Hardigree 

“As long as I get to drive a Hellcat” – William Schultz