F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton Visits NASA

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Videos

Even Formula One drivers have heroes, and for Lewis Hamilton is heroes are the men and women who fly and maintain the International Space Station. On a rare afternoon off before the Austin Grand Prix, F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton got an even rarer behind-the-scenes tour throughout NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Hamilton visits the ISS mission control, the 6.2-million gallon Neutral Buoyancy Lab, ISS mockup, and gets a chance to drive NASA’s Modular Robotic Vehicle.

When asked about the similarities between himself and NASA astronaut Doug Hurley, Hamilton answers honestly and humbly.

“Nope, he goes to space and that’s way cooler than what I do… I’m just in awe of what you’ve done.”

This wasn’t a sponsor event. It wasn’t a publicity stunt. This was Hamilton’s dream brought to life in 2017 and we’re fortunate to finally be able to release the video to the public.