Christian von Koenigsegg On How To Start Your Own Car Company

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Videos

Numerous people enter the world of hypercars and exotics, few manage to build more than a handful of cars and even fewer create a lasting company. Remember Cizeta? Mega? Lister? Christian von Koenigsegg, then, is the rare exception. But how did he do it? In the video below Christian explains what it takes.

We’ve already seen Christian walks us through the new Koenigsegg Jesko and explain what happens when you have to crash test a Koenigsegg, but here Christian gets a little more introspective and walks us through the mindset required to create a new car company from thin air.

"If I can give any advice, stay focused of course, and don't give up when it's really miserable and dark, that's when you really need to keep working. Even though it's painful and looks impossible and you should stop everything and your body tells you you should stop. That's when you really need to keep on working and pushing otherwise there is no chance," says Koenigsegg.

A good message for our time.

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