APEX:60 – The Bugatti Veyron 16.4

by | May 12, 2020 | APEX:60, Videos

Welcome to the second installment of APEX:60, our new short-form series covering the world’s greatest transportation machines. 

Today’s subject is the formidable Bugatti Veyron. From 1955 to 1998, Bugatti was basically offline. In 42 years they only built one car—the EB 110—and that was really just a tribute to the founder, Ettore Bugatti. Their history as a builder of beautiful, fast cars was respected but they were getting a bit dusty on the shelf. 

Then, in 1998, Volkswagen AG bought Bugatti, dusted it off, and changed the world. By 1999 they had produced four concept cars: the EB 118, EB 218, 18/3 Chiron and 18/4 Veyron. By 2004, they were testing Veyron prototypes. In 2005, a production-spec Bugatti Veyron pulled onto the still tarmac of VW Group’s Ehra-Lessien test facility and changed what we believed was possible. Hit play to learn more.