The Ford GT40 looks better as an engineering cutaway

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Articles

The Ford GT40 is one of the most famous race cars of all time. They’ve made a movie about it. And a documentary. The history of the car has been well covered and there’s nothing I could write that could add to the halo around every iteration of Ford’s ambitious prototype.

What I do have is access to a few Ford GT40 cutaways I found while looking for something else. Ford has shared three period cutaways and the each show how wild the packaging is. Inspired by an earlier Lola design, the GT40 is not a lot more than a V8 and a massive transaxle. The real trick bit is making something that looks unique and pleasing.

1964 Ford GT cutaway sketch

It’s amusing to see the homologated street version of the third generation car below, which shows how they attempted to make this something a real human being could potentially drive to the market (assuming your daily driver needs burst-proof door catches).

Ford GT40 Mark III Street Version
1965 Ford GT cutaway drawing