PSA: Get vaccinated and go to a museum

by | May 14, 2021 | Articles

While vaccine access is not equal across the world, if you’re able to read this post then there’s a decent chance that you may be vaccinated or could at least get vaccinated relatively soon if you wanted to. If that’s the case, get the vaccine and go to a car museum. They’re opening back up!

Here in the United States the Lane Museum is open as is the Petersen. Next week, the Ducati Museum in Bologna, Italy will be reopening as well. The Beaulieu in Great Britain is reopening on Monday and includes an exhibit on Miniature — the Toys of your Childhood.

It’s important for your well-being and your creativity to get out in the world (safely) and get inspiration. This site will always lean towards car museums and places like the National Air and Space Museum, but just about any museum will do. Our lives are coming back and with it so should a great appreciation of the things we couldn’t enjoy.

Plus, most of these entities now do advanced time-ticking only and I believe that leads to a better museum-going experience.

Get out there!