Everything Is Changed: The APEX Manifesto

by | Jan 1, 2019 | Articles

Everything is changing. Money and vision and hope are all being spent to transform the world of transportation in ways that feel like science fiction. It’s an amazing time to be alive if you care about technology and about the challenge of moving people from one place to another, whether within a city block or within the solar system. And yet…

Endless hype. Conflicting narratives. Stories that look like advertisements. Advertisements that look like stories. A growing suspicion that the people you trust to tell you what’s going to happen tomorrow are failing to even tell you accurately what’s happening today. We can’t fix everything, but we think we can do better.


apex (/ˈeɪpɛks) noun

1. the highest point of achievement, a climax
2. the highest point of a structure, object or figure
3. [motorsport] the point closest to the inside of a corner

An apex can be any of these things, but the APEX project adds a fourth: a window onto perfection at any given point in time or space. Why? Because the apex of anything — of creation, of performance — cannot last. Today’s winner is tomorrow’s bystander. Today’s cutting-edge is tomorrow’s collectible.

Because the APEX is always a moving target, the keenest minds must move with it. We’re here to assure our audience knows where that moving target is and will be. APEX.ONE seeks to educate humans in their interaction with new and future vehicle technology.


APEX began in 2016 with the release of APEX: The Story of the Hypercar. Far more than just a documentary about cars, APEX told the story of the people behind them. It attracted an audience transcending car enthusiasts and was soon acquired by Netflix. Physics may be a harsh mistress, but she is a just one. If you feel deterred by what you perceive as limitations beyond your control, allow us to remind you that SpaceX, Koenigsegg, and the JPL all exist.

Their creations provide a light through the fog. Their stories provide a map to a better future. Their stories bind together everyone who has ever confronted a seemingly insurmountable problem and said we can do better. Their stories inspired us. That is the story of the APEX film, and now the APEX project.


The success of the APEX film made it clear we aren’t alone. There remains an audience that wants something better than throwaway blogs and influencers with cell phones. For all the money being spent by media companies, less and less seems to be spent on journalists and creators.

We are drowning in slimy clickbait, bad takes, and advertising masquerading as reporting. The best stories are being diluted, slashed, edited, cut, recut, formatted, branded, rebranded and “produced” for as little as possible and made available for free.

If they’re being told at all. The APEX film demonstrated we can do better, and people will invest in it. If the APEX film was born from a desire to make the kind of film we wanted to see, the APEX project will create the platform we want to use. We’re not interested in reading or watching a mountain of low-cost, low-quality content.

We will create the highest quality content possible, and build a community of like-minded enthusiasts around it. Whatever the medium — film, television, stills, podcasts, events, AR/VR or the written word — we will use it to tell the stories of the people behind the miracles of invention. If this sounds like a lot of hype to you we invite you to take a moment to watch the first APEX film, which was a project made with our own hands and our own money when the idea of getting someone to watch longer car content seemed outrageous.


APEX began with hypercars, but is in no way limited to wheeled machines as we know them. The APEX platform — which we call APEX.one — will grow to cover all areas where art and science meet at the nexus of human ingenuity.

It is the nature of nature that the natural world guides the hand of human genius. We can see it in the aerodynamic forms common from race cars to cigarette boats to fighter jets. APEX.one will follow those hands wherever they lead, from land to sea to space, from nanotech drones to hypersonic aircraft and Mars landers.

If it goes farther and faster than what came before it, APEX.one will bring you closer to the people who made it happen. In doing so, APEX.one will also bring you closer to others who also believe we can do better.

We know we can, because for every invention we’ve heard of, there are hundreds of inventors waiting to be discovered. It only takes one to change the world. Our job is to find them wherever they are, and make APEX.one your spotlight upon their stories. Our journey starts on the ground, but ends in the stars.

We’re excited to have you join the ride.

Climb on board at InstagramFacebookTwitterYouTube or you can just come back to this page whenever you like.


The APEX Team