Behold, the GTO Engineering Squalo V12

by | May 12, 2021 | Articles

The GTO Engineering Squalo is a ground-up recreation of the Ferrari 250 GTO, completely reimagined as the perfect retro-modern grand tourer. They’ve got the aesthetic nailed, but the only way to truly live up to the GTO is with the motor. Thanks to a new batch of renderings we can get some insight into what that’ll look like.

Of course the heart of the Squalo is a V12, sitting in place of Ferrari’s Colombo V12 that served Ferrari for half of the 20th century. The quad-cam V12 is a 4.0-liter unit designed to be lightweight (it’s sub-400 pounds) but also provide the noise and drama you’d expect. Also, it has to look good.

“[T]he entire air cleaner assembly has been incorporated so that when the bonnet’s lifted you just see the open trumpets. The front timing case and ancillary drives have been remodelled to be sleeker, so has main bearing sump assembly and likewise the distributor caps are now going to be designed and made in house due to the team not finding an aesthetically pleasing off-the-shelf part.

Ridiculous? Yes. But that’s the point.