APEX: The Secret Race Across America Now Available in France and Germany

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Articles

Good news for our fans in Germany and France, our latest film APEX: The Secret Race Across America is now available for purchase. If you’re in Germany you can get the film on both iTunes and Amazon. If you’re in France, the film is available on iTunes.

The Secret Race Across America tells the true story of what happened after the Cannonball Run ended in 1979, the rise of the U.S. Express, and the seemingly unbreakable NY to LA 32 hour record set in 1983, when FBI scrutiny forced an end to the secretive races. Or did it? Decades later, two men get in a car and attempt to break the unbreakable record. Narrated by Ice-T, this film shatters the myths surrounding the transcontinental record and shows never-before-seen footage from the Cannonball, U.S. Express and modern runs.

This is the second film from APEX, following the successful APEX: The Story of the Hypercar (viewable on Netflix and available for purchase from iTunes, Google PlayAmazon, and YouTube.)