Photo Essay: Mercedes AMG S63 Monochrome Series

by | Jun 20, 2019 | All Posts, Articles, Photo Essays

Automotive photography is dominated by contrast. Bright white exotics bursting out of darkened garages. Famed automotive photographer Marc Urbano wants to know: What details are we missing when we portray cars this way?

This photo essay is the first in Urbano’s MONOCHROME SERIES for, which aims to marry subject and background through the use of conforming color palettes in order to elevate the subtle contours of modern car design.

In SERIES 01, Urbano meditates on the features of the Mercedes AMG S63 amidst the backdrop of the Pisgah Crater. This inky black cinder cone rises out of the desert and densely colors the surrounding area with the carbon remnants of this once active lava field.

The AMG S63 is an ideal subject for this environment. The classic übersedan bathed in Obsidian Black Metallic–a color named for the volcanic glass formed by rapidly cooling lava. - Editor’s note.

This is the first photo essay in the MONOCHROME SERIES from automotive photographer Marc Urbano for, a new future transportation-focused project. Follow us onTwitter,Instagram,YouTube andFacebook.