Photo Essay: Ferrari GTC4 Lusso T Monochrome Series 02

by | Jul 25, 2019 | All Posts, Articles, Photo Essays

Automotive photography is dominated by contrast. Bright white exotics bursting out of darkened garages. Famed automotive photographer Marc Urbano wants to know: What details are we missing when we portray cars this way?

This photo essay is the second in Urbano’s MONOCHROME SERIES for, which aims to marry subject and background through the use of conforming color palettes in order to elevate the subtle contours of modern car design. The first was the Mercedes AMG S63 at the Pigsah Crater, which saw Urbano place a muscular teutonic sedan whose color was inspired by volcanic glass in the middle of an ancient lava field.

MONOCHROME SERIES 02 brings us to the banks of Searles Lake with a stunning Ferrari GTC4Lusso T in Argento Nuerburgring. Searles Lake, as should be obvious from the photos, evaporated. It left behind stunning spires of rock that once existed below the water’s surface and survived mostly intact. The lake bed itself is full of rare earth minerals, though perhaps none as precious as what what we brought with us. 

Ferrari’s approach to building a grand tourer here is unique, offering the car only as a three-door shooting brake as opposed to the more traditional elongated coupe. The color name is also intriguing. The Argento makes sense as this is the Italian word for silver and the GTC4Lusso is undoubtedly a lustrous shade of that elemental metal. The Nuerburgring (or Nürburgring for most of us) is a little more peculiar as the color most obviously associated with that famous track is green. The name apparently comes from a launch color for the Maranello 550 at the Green Hell in 1996 and the color is so good it stuck around. But enough talking, please enjoy the photos. – Editor’s note.